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Artist, Gardener, Designer & official Plant Nerd. Nancy lives and works in the Vancouver area.  She is passionate about creating urban habitat for beneficial insects and birds. 

Mimic the natural environment

Ecological garden design is about observing and working with the specific characteristics of the site. By selecting appropriate plant material and cultivating it so it will grow naturally to its full potential, a stronger more healthy garden is created. Nancy has the plant knowledge to understand what a garden needs to evolve organically.

Only organic methods

Healthy soil grows lush plants. Organic and natural practice will feed the microbes and create the precious network below what we enjoy in our gardens.

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Visualizing space

Nancy has maintained, renovated and improved residential and commercial gardens since 2005. For the last 5 years she has been Head gardener at It's About Thyme Nursery in Burnaby B.C. Designing the 1.3 acres there continues to be a joy and a satisfying challenge.

Giving plants the best opportunity to thrive

So many shades of green. There are colours and textures for every season. Situating the right plant in the best location so it compliments the surrounding environment and other plant choices contributes to a calm and well defined space.

Explore the exciting list of plants

Creating a personalized landscape that is an extension of your home is important. Nancy will help you find the plants you love for your unique site cultivating an outdoor space that pleases you through all seasons. Drop in to the Nursery, say hello and see that your plant choices are endless.



Attention to detail

With a visual Arts background and a lifelong passion for plant observation, Nancy considers the colour, texture and patterns at play in our natural environment.

Your Garden reflects your interests

Exterior design is as integral to your home as your interior decor. Do you love conifers? What colours are you drawn to? Fragrant... functional...what type of fabulous garden would you like to create?

Art Botanical

Fiddlehead Designs celebrate plant communities. Whether in the field or studio, Nancy's fascination with natural form inspires her research and links her art to the landscape.

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